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Choose UX&UI that
the real

We work with data, analize facts, and validate hypotheses to create UX that effectively connects your business goals with needs of your customers

Do you prefer building on facts
or on imagination?


User Experience is not the way
you see your product.

It is how
your customers
see your product

Before we tell you how to get to your destination, we'll look at where we're starting from and, most importantly, ask you why you want to get there.

  • UX audit
  • GA & Hotjar analysis
  • Discovery workshops
  • Research
  • Benchmarking
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Do you prefer
thought-out solutions
or random ideas


User Experience is not
an idea out of the blue.

They are precise
to specific

We will understand your business needs, understand the needs of your customers, map them and look for common points. We will define what exactly your digital product should be like and what value it will provide

  • UX workshops
  • UX strategy
  • UX Design
  • Prototypes
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Do you prefer pretty pictures
or functional solutions?


User Experience is not about
pretty layouts.

It is about
nice layouts
that are functional.

Intuitive interface dressed up in appropriate graphic design is a tool through which customers act as you expect them to.

  • UI Design
  • Design Systems
  • Creative Design
  • Brand Design
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You prefer to guess what works
or check it before?

User Experience is not
about design assumptions

It is verified
by real

Testing the prototype with real users not only minimizes the risk, but also allows to create a product that will really create value.

  • Prototypes
  • Tests with users
  • A/B tests
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team team team team team team team

We do not move pixels. We are a team
of UX & Design experts
at Infinity Group

We know how to design digital products to support your business results. We form a team of 10 experienced UX, UI and Creative Designers.

We work in different models and we respond to specific needs.

  • Project-based If you have a complex project to complete within a specific timeframe.
  • UX on Demand If you need a specific part of the work, e.g. UX audit, research, mockups, graphic design or just consulting.
  • Plug&Play If you want to strengthen your own UX&UI capabilities. We will support your team with a specific package of hours that you can freely use.

Let's start
the project together.
Write us.

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